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Temporarily closed; it will re-open in a different location.

Designed by the physicist Massimo Temporelli and the architect Alice Azario from Oltrespazi, it provides scientific and tourist information especially to those who come to Valsesia and can thus discover somewhere unique in the world. The geological component is accompanied by a considerable wealth about the arts, general tourism and sports, and the installation is made in such a way as to entice those who enter to discover a new world and a “special” valley.
In fact, alongside the geological exhibition, made with a educational focus, there are objects made available by the Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Romagnano Sesia, by the CAI of Borgosesia, by the petrographer Silvano Sinigoi, by the discoverer of the Supervulcano and by some private individuals.
Inaugurated on Friday 3 August 2013 in Prato Sesia, it is currently being relocated after being refurbished.


The Institute is an high altitude research center (2,901 m s.l.m) located on the Monte Rosa massif, between the Corno del Camoscio and the Stolemberg, near the Col d'Olen.
The Institute is named after Angelo Mosso, Professor of Physiology at the University of Turin, who built it between 1905 and 1907, in order  to support the Observatory of the “Capanna Regina Margherita” with a scientific structure with more spacious laboratories and the possibility of staying and conducting high altitude studies, even for long periods.
The project was realized thanks to the decisive support of Queen Margherita, several Italian institutions and some foreign Universities. Almost entirely destroyed by a fire in 2000, the Institute was rebuilt and is still used for scientific research, dissemination activities and high level training on various topics: human physiology in high altitude environments, mountain medicine , Alpine meteorology, glaciology, climate change, snow and avalanche studies.
The A. Mosso scientific institute is included in the long-term ecological network "L-TER" ("Long Term Ecological Research") as a representative site of the "High-altitude Environments of the Western Alps".

GEOLAB “Luigi Burlini”

The GEOLAB is a geological laboratory for every educational and training needs. It is located in Vogogna, next to the headquarters of the Val Grande National Park. The GEOLAB offers an area equipped for the study and teaching of topics related to Earth Sciences to schools and universities. Equipped with stereo-microscopes and polarized light microscopes with high-definition cameras and video equipment, the GEOLAB also has a collection of thin sections of the main geopark rocks, a mineralogical and lithological collection, and interactive support with illustration and animation of the main themes related to the geology of the Crystalline Basement of the Southern Alps.
Information:  http://www.parcovalgrande.it/centrivisita

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